Episode 12

June 14, 2022


Fix-it Felix and the FIXIT Study

Hosted by

Antonia Chen, MD Andrew Schoenfeld, MD
Fix-it Felix and the FIXIT Study
Your Case Is On Hold
Fix-it Felix and the FIXIT Study

Jun 14 2022 | 00:27:14


Show Notes

In this episode, Antonia and Andrew discuss a selection of articles from the June 15, 2022 issue of JBJS, along with an added dose of entertainment and pop culture. Listen at the gym, on your commute, or whenever your case is on hold!


Articles Discussed:



JBJS website: https://jbjs.org/issue.php



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  • Basic Science
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Pediatrics
  • Shoulder
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma

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